Published on: 24 June 2021

This term, our Year 6 students have been using the Senior School Science laboratories for their timetabled Science lessons. With a focus on Physics, the boys have carried out a range of hands-on, practical experiments related to electricity using the facilities and equipment available. This has included investigating the conductive properties of household items, exploring the effects of static electricity, and making a battery out of lemons, potatoes – and marshmallows!

“Being able to use the Senior laboratories is an excellent way of enhancing the boys’ interest in, and understanding of, Science,” explains Year 6 Teacher, Mrs Joanna Morrison Mayo.

“By enabling the boys to work in the Senior laboratories, our lessons can be more practical in nature. We are able to expose them to laboratory equipment and instruments, and they really enjoy – and benefit from – working collaboratively to plan, carry out and discuss the results of engaging and educational Science investigations.”

“These activities are also one of the many ways that we assist Year 6 students with their transition to the Senior School.”

Next term, the focus moves to Chemistry, with the Year 6 boys poised and ready to learn all about reversible and irreversible changes.