Published on: 23 March 2023

Last year, our Science department received a Parents’ Association Development Grant for the printing of Year 7 and 8 Science Course Books. The Course books were sent to print at the end of the 2022 school year and are now being used in Science classes.

The Science department teaching team have worked very hard across the past few years developing Coursebooks that match both the Christ Church Science curriculum and the practical activities students engage in, in laboratories.

The Coursebooks not only help teachers in their delivery of our Science curriculum but they also assist our young scientists in terms of structure and organisation for classwork and revision and review.

The Coursebooks have been a huge success as they contain carefully crafted content prepared by our specialist teaching team along with classwork materials, additional homework exercises and guided test revision materials.

This certainly helps our younger students stay engaged, organised and in control of their learning.

Daily in class the Science Coursebooks are now used in all three key Science areas in Year 7 Chemistry, Physics and Biology and now Year 8 Biology, we are currently in the process of developing artwork for Year 8 Chemistry and Physics Coursebooks.