Published on: 1 July 2021

On Monday, a group of eight Year 9 students competed in the National Da Vinci Decathlon. They qualified after winning the state competition in April.

In the competition, the boys work together for four hours across ten different events: Mathematics, Code Breaking, English, Engineering, Art and Poetry, Creative Producers, Cartography, Ideation, Legacy and Science.

The competition is run out of Sydney but due to the current situation, the boys competed virtually. Despite having to start at 6.45am due to the time difference, the boys had a fantastic time and worked extremely well together on the challenging tasks. They won 2nd place in English, Engineering and Cartography, and 3rd place in Ideation.

The team consisted of:

Edward Hadi, Alex Molyneux, Aaron Goh, Gabriel Haselhurst, Jeremiah Wang, Wesley Peh, Riki Rhee, Andy Wu