Published on: 10 November 2021

Yonga House are back-to-back Preparatory School House Swimming Champions after a great day of competition in the pool.

It wasn’t a walk in the park for Yonga House, who had their work cut out for them all day as they held off stiff competition from Wardung House.

Final results for the 2021 Preparatory School House Swimming Carnival were:

  1. Yonga
  2. Wardung
  3. Kearla
  4. Karda

Kearla House were awarded the Spirit Shield for demonstrating great sportsmanship and spirit throughout the day.

All the boys showed tremendous effort on the day but four boys broke records in six different events including Theo Porter (Year 3) breaking three new records.

The Champion Boys for 2021 are:

Year 6 – Sam Reynolds
Year 5 – Quinn Bewsher
Year 4 – Oliver Swann
Year 3 – Theo Porter

Earlier in the day the Year One and Year Two boys braved the cold weather to participate in their annual ELC Swimming Carnival. The boys were very well prepared for bad weather having endured rain for almost all 9 of their swimming lessons prior to the carnival! However, thankfully the thunderstorm passed allowing the boys to show off their amazing swimming skills. It was rewarding to see all boys participated with plenty of energy and enthusiasm showing us that they really can defy all odds!